The installation of the script is very easy and will not take more than some minutes, even for unskilled users. Just follow this steps:
  1. Download the zip file from this site.
  2. Unpack it and create a directory on your server where you upload it to.
  3. Set the CHMOD settings to all uploaded files. Choose 755 or 777, what will work depends on your server settings. If you don't know try 755 first and go with your browser to the directory you just have created. If this causes an error, the settings were wrong and you have to choose 777. After that enter the URL of the directory to your browser again.
  4. Now you get asked for your password. For the first login this is "Admin".
  5. Than you'll be pleased to change the password, otherwise the script won't run.

That's it. The script is installed. Now you can go to link settings and setup the calendar sheet to your belongings. Adjust colors, text size and font type and set it up to the needed language.

The final step you have to do is including the calendar sheet into your website. Therefor a little piece of PHP code is provided also at the settings page, at the right side below the calendar preview.